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Barriers To Education for Maasai Girls

Maasai girls must face many obstacles to get an education, and most of those are related to the high level of poverty among the Maasai.  The cost of education is prohibitive for most families, and the promise of a dowry is a powerful incentive for arranging a daughter's marriage as soon as she "crosses the childhood bridge."  But cultural factors also contribute to preventing girls from getting and education. 

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Impact on the Community

MGEF is empowering women by changing attitudes toward educating girls, female circumcision, and gender prejudices.

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Overcoming Barriers

MGEF has developed a comprehensive strategy to get more girls enrolled in school and to keep them in school until they have the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in Kenya.

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How You Can Help


Your donation to MGEF will support the education of girls and their communities thereby promoting sustainable development and equality, and reducing violence and poverty.


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