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Barbara Lee Shaw, 1943-2013

The Maasai Girls Education Fund sadly mourns the passing of its Founder and President, Barbara Lee Shaw, on October 17, 2013. Barbara was an adventurer, a visionary, an inspiring philanthropist who devoted her last 14 years to Maasai girls. With her vision, dedication, her heartfelt connection to Maasai women, and her profound sense of justice, Barbara changed lives forever.

The Maasai Girls Education Fund is and will continue to be the effective, committed, award-winning organization Barbara created it to be. With the foresight and precision that marked all of Barbara’s endeavors, Barbara planned for this transition, and MGEF remains unwavering in its mission.

With our strong Board of Directors and our dedicated team, MGEF’s promise to every one of our students will be kept, and we will continue leading the way for future generations of Maasai women and girls.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we move forward.

For those who want to honor Barbara’s legacy, her family requests that you make a donation in her name to the Maasai Girls Education Fund.

Why MGEF Is Important

Only 48 percent of Maasai girls in Kenya enroll in school, and only 5 percent of those who enroll reach secondary school level.

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How MGEF is Making a Difference

MGEF provides scholarships to girls who otherwise would not be able to go to school and community workshops to address social customs and cultural beliefs that prevent girls from getting an education.

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How You Can Help

 A donation will buy uniforms or books for students, help fund a workshop or pay tuition for a needy girl to go to school.

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