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Scholarship Costs

Primary School

Public primary school (grades 1 - 8): $175 room and board
Private primary school: $500 room, board, and tuition
Uniforms for primary school students: $40
Supplies for first-year primary school students: $100
Supplies for primary school students (grades 2 - 8):  $40

Total cost for public primary school (grade 1): $315
Total cost for public primary school (grades 2 - 8): $255
Total cost for private primary school (grade 1):  $640
Total cost for private primary school (grades 2 - 8): $580

Secondary School

Public secondary school (grades 9 - 12):  $275 room and board
Uniforms for first year secondary school students (grade 9): $85
Uniforms for secondary students (grades 10-12):  $50
Supplies for first-year secondary school students (grade 9): $110
Supplies for secondary students (grades 10 - 12):  $50

Total cost for first year secondary students $470
Total cost for secondary school students (grades 10-12):  $375

College, University or Vocational School

Vocational school: $1,000
College/University:  $2,000

Uniforms and supplies are rarely required after secondary school.

Note:  Scholarship costs vary from school to school and with the changes in the Kenya Shilling exchange rate.  Actual costs may be higher or lower than the amounts presented above.

General Scholarship Fund

The General Scholarship Fund allows MGEF to provide scholarships to needy students without having to find a sponsor first.  In this way MGEF act quickly to intervene and stop early marriages.

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How the Scholarship Program Works

MGEF's Scholarship Program is designed to get more girls enrolled in school and to do everything possible to keep them in school until they have the knowledge and skills to get a job in Kenya.

See how the scholarship program works.

How You Can Help

 A donation will buy uniforms or books for students, help fund a workshop or pay tuition for a needy girl to go to school.

Learn more about how you can help.