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Community Education

The MGEF Community Education Program is designed for immediate impact. It will take as much as 16 years to educate one girl, who will then be able to make her own decisions about her life and her family. Our workshops are a stop-gap measure to accelerate the acceptance of educating girls, and to reduce teen pregnancy, FGM, early marriage, and the spread of HIV, all significant factors contributing to girls' dropping out of school. We also address the need among Maasai women for economic self-suffiency by offering business training specifically for rural Maasai women. For a brief description of the Community Education programming we offer:

Life Skills Workshops for Girls

Girls learn life skills that can prevent teen pregnancy, reduce early marriages, defend against pressures for casual sex, and reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Learn more.

Life Skills Workshops for Boys

The goal of Life Skills Workshops for boys is to instill respect for girls and women and to reduce teen pregnancy, female genital mutilation, and the spread of HIV and other STDs. Learn more.

Workshops for Elders and Mothers

Men hold all the decision-making power in Maasai culture. We enlist their help in our effort to educate girls, end early marriage and FGM, and prevent the spread of HIV. It is taboo for fathers to discuss matters of sex with their daughters, making it essential to engage with mothers, who are the sole disseminators of information to the girl child. Learn more.

Business Training Workshops for Women

We recognize that most rural Maasai women lack the skills and knowledge they need in order to gain economic self-suffiency, and thus, a voice in their families and communities. Business training serves as a direct and cost-effective method of empowering these women. Learn more.