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Student News

November 10, 2012: Our Alumni Group is a coalition of MGEF alumni and current college students who are dedicated to empowering other Maasai women and girls. Their first project focuses on mentoring rural primary school girls and providing them with sanitary pads. These girls regularly miss school because they have no access to sanitary pads. Now they are able to attend without missing a single day! A very special thanks to project funders, Ruth and Bev (Australia). Click here to see pictures from the Alumni Group visit to three schools in Kajiado County.

July 2010: Caroline Kashinin Senteu will be visiting with Barbara Lee Shaw Washington DC during the month of July!  Caroline is an MGEF scholarship recipient, now a graduate from the Medical College of Kenya with a diploma in nursing. She is working in a clinic near her home in Loitokitok, Kenya. She will traveling with Barbara, telling her story to groups of people in California, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.  This is her first trip out of Kenya.  Caroline will soon be enrolling at a Kenya university to get a degree in Public Health Administration.

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