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List of Students


Elizabeth Seneiyo

Elizabeth was born on April 11th, 1993, and is one of twenty-six children in a polygamous family. Only one of her siblings, a brother, finished secondary school. He provides for Elizabeth and the other siblings, as their father is too old to work. Unable to pay for school fees herself, Elizabeth was sponsored by Foundation Kids to School (FKS), and completed Form 4 in 2012. FKS continues to support Elizabeth in her educational pursuits, through a partnership with MGEF. We are thrilled to have Elizabeth join our roster of incredible young women.

Date of Birth: 04/11/1993
Started Program: 1 year 51 weeks ago
Start Grade: Vocational School
Current Grade: Vocational School
School: Masai Technical Training Institute
Sponsored: Yes



Kanayia is the youngest of nine children, and has four brothers and four sisters.  All four sisters are married, and none enrolled in school.  Kanayia's father wanted to marry her off when she was 11 years old, even though he had abandoned the family when Kanayia was in preschool. An MGEF scholarship prevented that marriage. Kanayia recently graduated from secondary school and is looking forward to beginning her studies in Early Childhood Education and Development in 2015. 

Date of Birth: 11/06/1992
Started Program: 12 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 2nd Grade (Class 2)
Current Grade: Secondary School Graduate
School: not yet enrolled
Sponsored: No



Yiampaine was born on September 14, 1996. She is the third-born in a family of seven children, four boys and three girls. Both parents are illiterate, dependent on trading goats to support the family.  Her older sister never enrolled in school and was married off at the age of 17. Yiampaine was number one in her class from class 5 - 8, but when she graduated from primary school, her parents wanted to marry her off to get money to pay for her older brother's high school fees. Fortunately, the head teacher (principal) of her primary school contacted an MGEF board member who submitted a scholarship application for Yiampaine. With a scholarship from MGEF, Yiampaine is finally able to continue her education.

Date of Birth: 09/14/1996
Started Program: 2 years 17 weeks ago
Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)
Current Grade: 11th Grade (Form 3)
School: Baraka Oontoyie Secondary School
Sponsored: Yes


Jane Tulasha

Jane Tulasha is the last-born in a family of seven.  Her mother died when Jane was young, and her father, who is illiterate, has since married a second wife.  In 2006, Jane was discovered by a local employee at Magadi Soda Company working on a project near her home in a very remote area in Kenya.  Jane was carrying food to sell to people working on the project and had not been enrolled in school.  This "well wisher" paid Jane's school fees for one year, after which her father clearly stated he would not pay for her education and would marry her off as soon as she was old enough.  Her two sisters were married off at ages 12 and 14. To help Jane avoid the same fate, MGEF began sponsoring her education in 2010.

Date of Birth: 04/12/2001
Started Program: 5 years 4 weeks ago
Start Grade: 2nd Grade (Class 2)
Current Grade: 6th Grade (Class 6)
School: Olkiramatian Primary School
Sponsored: Yes


Gloria Mumeita

After Mumeita completed her first year of secondary school, her parents were no longer able to pay school fees.  Mumeita was an A student with a bright future ahead of her, so outstanding that letters of recommendation from the headteacher of her primary school and from the assistant chief in the area where she lived were attached to her application for a scholarship.  Mumeita lived up to these recommendations and graduated from Moi Girls Secondary School in November 2009, achieving an A- on the Kenya national test, almost unheard of for a Maasai girl from rural Kenya.  Her dream was to become a doctor, and she will have the opportunity to realize that dream thanks to doctors at Bethesda Emergency Associates and Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, who have joined together to sponsor her medical school education. 

Date of Birth: 06/18/1992
Started Program: 8 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 10th Grade (Form 2)
Current Grade: University
School: University of Nairobi, School of Medicine
Sponsored: Yes


Catherine Timanoi

Timanoi's father has been trying to marry her off since she graduated from primary school, but an MGEF high school scholarship kept her in school. She is the first of five children in a family living in extreme poverty, dependent on relief food during the droughts. After high school, Timanoi was accepted to the University of Nairobi, with a major in Nutrition.  Her father still wants to marry her off, but in Timanoi's words, "I am not ready to be someone's wife. I would like to achieve my academic goals and change the living standard of our family."

Date of Birth: 12/08/1990
Started Program: 11 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)
Current Grade: University
School: University of Nairobi
Sponsored: Yes


Agnes Moyiaso

Just after Agnes Moyiaso completed Class 6 (6th grade) in primary school, her father arranged her marriage. She was saved by an MGEF scholarship, after a local area chief stopped the marriage and  brought her to our attention. She was an A student in primary school, and the chief recognized her potential and intervened on her behalf.

Date of Birth: 03/15/1992
Started Program: 8 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 6th Grade (Class 6)
Current Grade: College
School: Maasai Mara University
Sponsored: No


Esho Faith

Esho Faith had to drop out after she completed her primary school education because her parents could not afford secondary school fees and her father wanted to marry her off. In 2007, she and her mother moved in with relatives to prevent Esho Faith's unwanted marriage. An MGEF scholarship enabled her to attend and complete secondary school. Esho Faith received a Diploma in Social Work from Moi University in 2014 and is hoping to pursue a degree program in 2015.

Date of Birth: 01/01/1995
Started Program: 8 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)
Current Grade: College Graduate-Diploma
School: Graduated
Sponsored: Yes


Josephine Yiamoi

Yiamoi was pledged in marriage at the age of two, and was to be married in March 2007 just before her 13th birthday, but an uncle, a neighbor, and her brother stepped in to prevent the marriage after MGEF agreed to give her a scholarship. Yiamoi’s sister was married when she was just 11 years old. Her father, who is illiterate and jobless, has three wives and had been receiving dowry payments for Yiamoi for nine years, a debt he would have had to repay and was unable to do. The community agreed to raise the money to repay the debt so that Yiamoi could go to school. In March 2007, at the age of 13, Yiamoi enrolled in school for the first time, and until 2010 her father continued the threat of carrying out the marriage so he could get the dowry payment. Now he calls regularly to see how she is doing, and brags about his daughter.

Date of Birth: 03/12/1994
Started Program: 8 years 11 weeks ago
Start Grade: 1st Grade (Class 1)
Current Grade: 7th Grade (Class 7)
School: AIC Girls Primary School
Sponsored: No


Janet Sitonic

Janet is one of 36 children in a household shared with her father and his 5 wives. Both of Janet's parents are illiterate and the family's only income comes from farming. Eleven of Janet's sisters have already been married off, some as young as 14-years-old, in order for the family to benefit from their dowries. Due to their extreme poverty, none of Janet's siblings have gone on to secondary school, and it seemed inevitable that Janet would have the same misfortune. With a scholarship from MGEF, however, Janet is able to further her education at Sajiloni Girls Secondary School, where she enrolled in January, 2012.

Date of Birth: 01/01/1996
Started Program: 3 years 11 weeks ago
Start Grade: 9th Grade (Form 1)
Current Grade: 12th Grade (Form 4)
School: Sajiloni Girls Secondary School
Sponsored: Yes


Mercy Leina

Mercy was born on September 14th, 2003 in the village of Iltareto. Mercy and her sister are supported by their mother, who struggles to find work because of physical challenges. She is raising these girls alone and came to MGEF in hopes that this would help Mercy avoid a potential early marriage. Mercy was an excellent day student at AIC School, despite these challenges, and she continues to shine there as a boarding student, supported by her sponsors, the MGEF office, and her fellow students. 

Date of Birth: 09/14/2003
Started Program: 1 year 12 weeks ago
Start Grade: 4th Grade (Class 4)
Current Grade: 5th Grade (Class 5)
School: Kajiado AIC Primary Boarding School
Sponsored: Yes


Nancy Sopilal

Sopilal is from a very poor drought-prone area.  At the time she received a scholarship, her family had only one cow and no goats.  She has three brothers and two sisters, but only the brothers are allowed to go to school.  One sister was married off at the age of 14. The younger sister is still too young to be married. Without support from her family, Sopilal could not afford to attend school. An MGEF scholarship has made her dream of education a reality.

Date of Birth: 05/11/1993
Started Program: 12 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 3rd Grade (Class 3)
Current Grade: Secondary School Graduate
School: Post-Secondary School Pending Application
Sponsored: Yes


Jackline Mulancha

Jackline Mulancha's father is deceased, leaving three wives to support their combined 21 children. None of his wives are educated, but they manage to eke out a meager income from selling milk in the local market. Jackline Mulancha hopes that some day her education will enable her to support her family. She earned a certificate in Public Relations at the University of Nairobi and is currently working towards a Degree in Public Relations at the University of Nairobi.

Date of Birth: 12/20/1992
Started Program: 12 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 5th Grade (Class 5)
Current Grade: College
School: Pending
Sponsored: No



Esther's parents wanted her to be educated but could not afford to keep her in school.  Her education would have ended after the sixth grade.  When she received the MGEF scholarship, she was the only girl in her family to have enrolled in school. She graduated from Kenyatta University with a Degree in Communications and interned at Turner & Hernshaw Investments in Nairobi.

Date of Birth: 01/01/1989
Started Program: 12 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 7th Grade (Class 7)
Current Grade: University Graduate-Degree
School: Kenyatta University
Sponsored: Yes



Since she was a young child, Jackline has been supported solely by her mother, who never received an education. Without an MGEF scholarship, Jackline would not have been able to attend school. Jackline attends Moi University working to earn a Diploma in Secondary Education.

Date of Birth: 01/01/1994
Started Program: 12 years 21 weeks ago
Start Grade: 4th Grade (Class 4)
Current Grade: College
School: Moi University
Sponsored: No

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