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Caroline Senteu Kashinin

Caroline was born 15 May 1985, the third-born of six children. Both of her parents are uneducated, and her father does not believe in educating girls, so Caroline's mother took her to school. Caroline was a very bright student, and paid for secondary school through scholarships that she received. After high school, MGEF took responsibility for her education. Caroline graduated from college in December 2008 and has been working at a clinic near her home since. Her father divorced her mother a few years ago because she refused to have more children, and Caroline is now the sole support of her mother and two younger siblings. In January 2011, Caroline enrolled at Kenya Methodist University to get a degree in nursing. She graduated in August 2013, and currently serves as a facilitator for the MGEF Life Skills Workshops.

Date of Birth: 05/15/1985
Started Program: 9 years 16 weeks ago
Start Grade: College
Current Grade: University
School: Kenya Medical Training College
Sponsored: Yes


Simantoi Kilama

Simantoi Kilama was only able to go to school about one-third of each year, because her mother could not pay school fees for an entire year, and her father, who was adamantly opposed to educating girls, would not contribute.  He demanded that she marry when she completed primary school.  When she refused, her father did not speak to her again, until she graduated from medical college and began working as a nurse.  Simantoi budgets 17% of her monthly income on her family. She continued her education while working and in 2010, graduated from the University of Nairobi in with a degree in psychology, and is continuing her career as an HIV counselor at Jomo Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi. In 2013, Simantoi was hired to facilitate MGEF's Life Skills Workshops for girls. 

Date of Birth: 01/01/1982
Started Program: 14 years 38 weeks ago
Start Grade: 12th Grade (Form 4)
Current Grade: University Graduate-Degree
School: Graduate, University of Nairobi, Psychology; Graduate, Kenya Medical Training College, Nursing
Sponsored: No


Bernice Kipeno

Bernice's father has two wives and more than ten children. Her mother and stepmother are both illiterate, but her father was able to pay for her education through high school by doing odd jobs. Bernice's education would have ended after high school, but MGEF began to sponsor her, allowing her to attend college. 

Date of Birth:
Started Program: 7 years 38 weeks ago
Start Grade: College
Current Grade: University Graduate-Degree
School: Marist International College
Sponsored: Yes


Josephine Nantito Kishoyan

Josephine Nantito Kishoyan was born 12 August 1986. Her father has two wives and a total of fourteen children, five of whom are Josephine's full siblings. In 2001, when Josephine was fifteen years old, her father intended to marry her off. In order to prevent the marriage, Josephine's mother consulted the area chief. He put her in contact with MGEF, and MGEF began to sponsor Josephine that very year. She graduated from St. Martin de Porres Vocational School with a certificate in culinary arts in 2007, and worked as a cook, caterer, and waitress until her death in August of 2010.

Date of Birth: 08/12/1986
Started Program: 14 years 3 weeks ago
Start Grade: 7th Grade (Class 7)
Current Grade: Vocational School Graduate
School: St. Martin de Porres Vocational School
Sponsored: No


Jennifer Kobaai

Jennifer was born on September 5, 1986, and the third of seven children in her family in 2002.  Jennifer was about to be married off and ran away to a rescue center in Kajiado.  With an MGEF scholarship she was safe.  After graduating from secondary school Jennifer received a diploma in early childhood education in 2010 and taught preschool classes at the Kajiado Children's Home. In 2011, Jennifer began studies for a certificate in Community Health, which she completed in 2012.

Date of Birth: 09/05/1986
Started Program: 13 years 20 weeks ago
Start Grade: 8th Grade (Class 8)
Current Grade: College Graduate-Diploma
School: Machakos Institute of Technology
Sponsored: Yes

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