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MGEF's goals are to increase enrollment of Maasai girls in Kenya, reduce the dropout rate, and support every student until they have the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in Kenya.  Our work involves a long-term commitment to each of our students.  Our success is measured by how many scholarship students complete their education and are prepared for a job in Kenya.

The Maasai Girls Education Fund (MGEF) works in Kenya's Kajiado County, where two-thirds of Kenya's Maasai population lives.  Currently, only 48 percent of Maasai girls in this region are enrolled in school.  Only 5 percent of those who enroll make it to secondary school.

As MGEF scholarship students graduate from colleges and universities, they are demonstrating to the Maasai community the greater economic value of educating a daughter rather than marrying her off for a one-time dowry.  They are, by their example, changing the way people think about educating girls, and that change is resulting in more girls being enrolled in school. 

MGEF Supporters

On behalf of the Maasai, the Maasai Girls Education Fund thanks our supporters for their generous contributions.

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MGEF Results


MGEF has supported the education of 84 Maasai girls from primary school through post-secondary education.  Four have graduated from college/university.  Twenty four percent are now enrolled in higher education institutions.


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How You Can Help


Your donation to MGEF will support the education of girls and their communities thereby promoting sustainable development and equality, and reducing violence and poverty.


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